Solar panel cleaning

6February 2023

Solar panels collect the rays of the Sun and convert them into electricity for your home or business. The more light that is entering into the panel, the more power it will generate. However, dirt collected on the panels reduces the amount of electricity that they can produce. In some cases, this loss may be as high as 25%.

There are many factors can affect how much electricity your solar panels produce, but dirty solar panels can be one of the easiest to fix with the greatest of results.

Solar panels are often placed on the roof of a building for optimum sunlight contact. So like your roof, your solar panels are subject to the harsh elements year in and year out. Pollen, dirt, algae and mould have the ability to affect the amount of sunlight that your system can collect.

Cleaning your solar panel system is more difficult than most people think. It will take more than just a spritz of water and the use of certain chemicals can ruin the solar panel.

Cthru Windows strives in being the best at what we do, and we only use the latest and best quality equipment for the work we undertake. We have a process to effectively clean your solar panel system from the ground using de-ionized water and a water fed pole. Once we have cleaned your solar panels, you will not only see a difference in the appearance but the panels will be able to work more efficiently, generating more electricity.



Having a good relationship with us matters a lot for such an important project. A good relationship will ensure any problems are fixed up quickly and in a mutually beneficial way.


No detergents or chemicals are required, meaning no residue is left – resulting in your panels working to maximise your energy output.


All work undertaken is guaranteed to meet your expectations. We strive for 110% customer satisfaction at all times.


We work in a safe, mature manner at all times, with you the customer at the heart of what we do.


The more light that hits the panel the more power it will generate, maximising your return on investment.

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