We can achieve great results on the inside as well as the outside by using our pure water internal cleaning kit. This will reduce risk of damage to the inside of your property as ladders are not required.

We can reach at height and get to those hard-to-reach areas, eliminating any risk of water spillages as our pure water is sprayed onto a special micro fibre pad used to clean your windows. They are then left to dry before finally being buffed up – leaving sparkling great results.

We can offer, and sometimes may need to use, traditional methods when cleaning. Eco friendly chemicals may also need to be used if the windows are heavily soiled. Due care and attention will be upheld at all times when using either method of cleaning to achieve our high standards.

All we ask, if possible, is that you can clear our working area of any valuables you may have.



Having strangers in your property can be naturally unnerving to some. We understand this and will make every effort to make you feel at ease, being polite and courteous at all times.

Safety conscious

We will inspect our work area before commencing and remove any obstacles to prevent risk and possible damage to your property and valuables.


We enjoy what we do and do it with a smile. We work in a happy, friendly manner and take satisfaction in a job well done.


We work in a methodical way, making sure we don’t miss a thing and check our work after completion to make sure we’re happy and your happy.

Customer focused
We will work around you and aim to meet your needs and expectations. We will also offer to remove our footwear if required.