Over time, your fascia and soffit boards can look tired, dull and dirty. This not only looks unsightly, but can also cause permanent damage if not kept clean.

Get the dirt, mould and mildew cleaned off your soffits & fascias with the confidence that C-Thru Windows will get the job done, using gentle cleaning methods that will prevent damage to your property in a safe and professional way with great results.

We use a professional UPVC cleaning solution if necessary – an effective cleaning product specifically designed for removing dirt and grime from UPVC. This is applied to the UPVC and given time to break down the dirt build up. The area is then washed down with pure water using a high reach pole and specialised cleaning brush. The solution we use combined with our pure water cleaning method leaves a slight ‘sheen’ on your UPVC after it has been cleaned – leaving outstanding results.


No ladders required

No ladders are required when cleaning your Fascia & Soffits. In turn, this reduces the risk to your property.

Improve Appearance

Let us add beauty back your your home and get it looking great. In doing so will prolong the life of your fascia and soffits and save you money in the long term.

Quality is our priority

We strive and succeed when it comes to the quality of our work. We don’t settle for less as our reputation is very important to us.

We're Local

Being local to you means we can quote sooner rather than later with minimum fuss and hassle to you.


Using our specialised poles and brushes, we can safely clean your Fascia without potential damage to the rest of your property.